Interview Compilations

Learn about the working memory model and its history
Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
Visual imagery Visual imagery is one of the functions usually ascribed to the visuo-spatial sketchpad. Baddeley describes how mental imagery - a hot topic in the 1970s and 80s and a very common human experience - is related to the VSSP of the working memory model... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:50
Working memory and consciousness Is working memory related to consciousness? In Baddeley's view, the episodic buffer is a place where conscious experience occurs. New techniques in neuroimaging might provide better insights in the nature of our personal experiences. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:52
Working memory and evolution An evolutionary perspective is a helpful tool to ask questions about the function of a particular cognitive function. Baddeley emphasizes that these kinds of questions led to important discoveries, for example the role of the phonological loop in... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:03:35