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Finding a direct link to a patient's brain
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Niels Birbaumer - Brain Computer Interfaces Completely locked-in patients have lost the ability to interact with their environment through behavioral means. They are unable to control muscle movements to produce speech, gestures, or even eye-movements to indicate yes-no answers to questions... Niels Birbaumer
Prevalence of locked-in syndrom Locked-in syndrome is a neurological disorder in which the patient is conscious but is unable to move or verbally communicate due to complete paralysis of the body. Dr. Niels Birbaumer explains that although the total number of cases is not known... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:02:57
Quality of life for locked in patients It is usually assumed that the quality of life in locked-in patients must be miserable. Surprisingly, surveys conducted with locked-in patients show a different picture even though these patients can no longer enjoy normal activities. Dr. Birbaumer... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:03:13
Steady state evoked potentials Dr. Birbaumer describes the basic idea behind steady-state evoked potentials as a mechanism to measure an attended stimulus in a person. When attending a flickering visual stimulus, the measurable brain activity often follows the same frequency as... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:01:27
The specificity of feedback Feedback is essential for acquisition of learning. Professor Niels Birbaumer explains critical variables of feedback and emphasizes that brain activity can be voluntarily controlled if feedback to the brain is fast, reliable, and specific. In order... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:04:19
Training brain responses In this video Dr. Niels Birbaumer explains the role of instruction in neurofeedback studies. He strongly suggests that one should not give explicit verbal instructions during training because it is often better for participants to discover their... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:04:04
What is a BCI? Brain computer interfaces are tools which use brain activity in humans or animals to activate external devices without having to rely on motor responses. Dr. Birbaumer emphasizes its utility for paralyzed patients because of its ability to bypass... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:05:22