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Perceiving the world in more ways than one.
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Animal models of synesthesia One of the powerful methods to investigate the neural basis of cognitive phenomena involves the use of animal models. Given that synesthesia is a personal experience, it seems hard to see how we could learn about it from animals. However, Dr. Ward... Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:02:28
Can synesthesia be acquired? Can one acquire synesthesia later in life? In his answer, Dr. Ward points out a few instances in which unused sensory pathways can cause the development of synesthesia-like symptoms after the loss of a sensory system (Like the onset of blindness).... Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:03:07
Co-occurrence of synesthesias In this video Dr. Jamie Ward examines the co-occurrence of multiple types of synesthesias within synesthetes. These co-occurring types tend to occur in typed groups, but the number of types of synesthesia makes it hard to quantify. He also discusses... Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:02:03
Genetics of synesthesia This video looks into whether or not there is a genetic basis for synesthesia. Dr. Ward bases this discussion on evidence of synesthesia running in families, chromosomal evidence, and developmental evidence. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:03:08
Imaging synesthesia Modern imaging techniques, like fMRI, can be used to view activity in the brains of synesthetes and shed light on how they process sensory information differently. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:02:04
Is there an evolutionary advantage of having synesthesia? How did synesthesia first evolve and why is it still present in the human population? Dr. Jamie Ward explains theories on the possible evolutionary advantages of having synesthesia. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:03:48
Jamie Ward - Synesthesia Synesthesia has fascinated researchers for a long time. Dr. Jamie Ward from the University of Sussex, UK, has investigated a large number of synesthetes - people, who perceive the world in a different way than the average person. Synesthesia is... Jamie Ward goCognitive
Multisensory integration in synesthesia Every person's brain has to integrate information from several different senses? This multisensory perception is different from synesthesia - existing sensory information is processed together, unlike synesthetic experiences, where unrelated... Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:03:48
Personal background Not being a synesthete himself, Dr. Jamie Ward is one of the leading researchers in the field of synesthesia. In this short video segment, Dr. Ward explains his fascination with the topic of synesthesia and how he started this line of research. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:01:30
Synesthesia and art Synesthesia can influence the choice of activities of those who have it. Dr. Ward shows how particular types of synesthesia can attract people to music and art and how their synesthesia might provide them with a richer experience. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:02:35