Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
How I got into decision making In this personal account of how he decided to become a cognitive psychologist and focus on human decision making, Dr. Gigerenzer reveals that he also had the opportunity to earn money as a professional musician. Gerd Gigerenzer goCognitive 00:02:49
Research tools in cognitive neuroscience Modern techniques used in cognitive neuroscience have dramatically increased the available toolkit for researchers. Dr. Michael Posner discusses a wide range of methods that have been used in cognitive neuroscience and their historic relevance.... Michael Posner goCognitive 00:16:00
The anatomy of attentional networks - a historical perspective Dr. Michael Posner gives a brief historical account of the study of attention from the turn of the last century until today. Specifically, Dr. Posner explains his model of three main attentional networks which constitute the basis for consciousness... Michael Posner goCognitive 00:19:50
The history of decision making The history of decision making goes back to the 1600s – to Descartes and Pointcarre who created a first ‘calculus’ of decision making. The modern view of decision making that takes into consideration of human information processing and the use of... Gerd Gigerenzer goCognitive 00:04:26
The history of synesthesia Dr. Jamie Ward discusses the history of research on synesthesia and how the view of synesthesia has changed as different perspectives of psychology have arisen. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:04:58