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Future applications of BCI Brain-Computer interfaces (BCIs) are designed to enable a direct connection between the brain and a computer. Dr. Birbaumer discusses the future applications of this technology in different fields and its usefulness in the treatment of neurological... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:02:53
Prevalence of locked-in syndrom Locked-in syndrome is a neurological disorder in which the patient is conscious but is unable to move or verbally communicate due to complete paralysis of the body. Dr. Niels Birbaumer explains that although the total number of cases is not known... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:02:57
Prosopagnosia Dr. Behrmann talks about her research on prosopagnosia - commonly known as faceblindness. Patients with this disorder have a difficult time identifying people based on facial information, even though their visual system is otherwise intact. Through... Marlene Behrmann goCognitive 00:15:14