Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
How I became a neuroscientist Dr. Squire shares how he became interested in the field of neuroscience. He also describes his first experiment... Larry R. Squire goCognitive 00:02:21
Personal background Not being a synesthete himself, Dr. Jamie Ward is one of the leading researchers in the field of synesthesia. In this short video segment, Dr. Ward explains his fascination with the topic of synesthesia and how he started this line of research. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:01:30
The path to neuroscience: a student guide Dr. Squire shares his view on how to best pursue a career in neuroscience. Experience working in a lab is essential to position oneself for a graduate career - only by doing research can one fully comprehend the scientific process and whether one... Larry R. Squire goCognitive 00:02:03