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Linguistics is more than grammar Dr. Friederici talks about the different components of linguistics – consisting not only of grammar or syntax, but also includes all other aspects of language. Semantics and the combinatorics of words in a sentence, phonology, and prosody all make... Angela Friederici goCognitive 00:02:21
The integration of prosodic and syntactic information between the hemispheres Prosody is normally processed in the right hemisphere, whereas syntax is normally processed in the left hemisphere. To integrate prosody and syntax we have to allow information to pass between the two – which means that information must travel... Angela Friederici goCognitive 00:02:28
Three types of prosodic information Prosody describes the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech. This often coincides with important syntactic boundaries. However, it also carries additional information about emotions of a speaker or the use of satire. Angela Friederici goCognitive 00:04:10