Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
Introduction of the episodic buffer In 2000 Baddeley introduced the episodic buffer as a fourth component of the working memory model. Here he explains the reason for this most recent concept. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:02:29
Introduction of the phonological loop The phonological loop is one of the central concepts of the working memory model. It represents a brief store of mainly verbal information together with a rehearsal mechanism. In many experiments Baddeley and colleagues have investigated the... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:57
Other uses of the phonological loop Beyond the short-term storage of verbal information for language understanding the phonological loop is engaged in many other tasks. One function of the phonological loop might be for the control of behavior - as a sequence of instructions what to... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:03:49
Phonological loop and language acquisition What is the phonological loop for? It seems obvious that the phonological loop has a relation to language. However - what is the exact relationship? In studies with a unique patient who had a severe phonological loop deficit Baddeley found that... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:08:48
The central executive homunculus The issue of a homunculus - a part of a model that solves important problems but isn't explained further - is often criticized in psychological theories. Baddeley defends the use of homunculi as long as they are retired down the road through... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:02:03
The future of working memory research Emotions, social psychology, self control, and many other large issues are possible candidates for a new look through the working memory lens. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:01:31
The origins of the central executive The central executive is a crucial part of the working memory model. Borrowing heavily from Donald Norman and Tim Shallice's supervisory attentional system (SAS, 1980) and evidence from patients with frontal lobe damage Baddeley adopted the... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:07:07
Working memory and consciousness Is working memory related to consciousness? In Baddeley's view, the episodic buffer is a place where conscious experience occurs. New techniques in neuroimaging might provide better insights in the nature of our personal experiences. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:52