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What are mirror neurons?
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Giacomo Rizzolatti - Mirror Neurons In this interview, Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma, Italy, describes his discovery of a unique type of neurons in the human motor cortex. These neurons respond both when a person initiates a particular action, as well as when the... Giacomo Rizzolatti goCognitive
How do syntax and semantics work together? Both syntax and semantics are central concepts in linguistics. In this part of the Interview, Dr. Friederici points out some of the ways in which syntax and semantics work together to improve our ability to process language. Angela Friederici goCognitive 00:03:07
Is there an evolutionary advantage of having synesthesia? How did synesthesia first evolve and why is it still present in the human population? Dr. Jamie Ward explains theories on the possible evolutionary advantages of having synesthesia. Jamie Ward goCognitive 00:03:48
The Evolution of Language from Gestures Together with Dr. Michael Arbib, Dr. Rizzolatti published an interesting account of the evolution of language from gestures instead of the more commonly associated calls of animals. He provides a number of arguments in favor of this hypothesis -... Giacomo Rizzolatti goCognitive 00:07:39
The N400 and word meaning What is the relevance of the often found N400 component of the ERP in language processing? This seems to reflect lexical-semantic processing when pseudo words are introduced into a sentence or if a word does not fit in a particular context. Angela Friederici goCognitive 00:01:47
Working memory and evolution An evolutionary perspective is a helpful tool to ask questions about the function of a particular cognitive function. Baddeley emphasizes that these kinds of questions led to important discoveries, for example the role of the phonological loop in... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:03:35