Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
Neurogenesis In her interview with goCognitive, Dr. Deb Stenkamp from the University of Idaho talks about her research on neurogenesis - the production of new neurons in the central nervous system. Her research is using the retina of the zebrafish as a model for... Deb Stenkamp goCognitive 00:11:42
Sight Recovery - returning vision after 40 years of blindness Dr. Fine from the University of Washington talks about her interactions with her patient MM who recovered at age 43 from 40 years of blindness. His example is an illustration of the complexity of neural processing - and the opportunities... Ione Fine goCognitive 00:17:06
What is Neuroplasticity? In this first part of the interview, Dr. Fine from the University of Washington explains the basic mechanisms underlying neural plasticity - how the brain can change in response to the specific processing demands of an individual (e.g., by building... Ione Fine goCognitive 00:12:26