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How to perceive through manual exploration.
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Haptic perception- part II In the second part of her interview with GoCognitive Dr. Roberta Klatzky introduces the idea of exploratory procedures. This set of motions and actions are highly reliably conserved between people and many animals. They allow us, with a few specific... Roberta Klatzky goCognitive 00:08:48
Roberta Klatzky - Haptic Perception Dr. Roberta Klatzky is a leading researcher in the area of haptic perception. In this interview she talks about how we integrate information through haptic exploration. She demonstrates the role of "exploratory procedures" in perceiving... Roberta Klatzky goCognitive
Spatial reference systems and sensory integration in haptics How does our frame change when we use different types of perception and how does our brain integrate this information? Dr. Roberta Klatzky is a proponent of the idea that multiple sensory systems feed into a single mental representation of the world... Roberta Klatzky goCognitive 00:07:36
Virtual haptic interfaces The visual domain has dominated the area of virtual reality systems, but a true virtual environment should interface with all the senses. This video looks at what technology is available already that provides virtual input for haptic perception,... Roberta Klatzky goCognitive 00:08:10