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Decision making in small and large worlds One of the main distinctions in research on decision making concerns the availability of information to a decision maker. In so-called ‘small worlds’, all alternatives, consequences, and probabilities are known. In so-called ‘large worlds’,... Gerd Gigerenzer goCognitive 00:02:42
Heuristics Heuristics are simple strategies that allow a decision maker to reach a decision quickly and with little effort. While most people view heuristics as 'second class citizens' compared to optimized algorithmic solutions. In this... Gerd Gigerenzer goCognitive 00:05:26
Take the best heuristic As part of their research on human decision making, Dr. Gigerenzer and his group try to find simple heuristics that can be shown to work well under realistic assumptions. The 'take-the-best' heuristic is an important example of how a... Gerd Gigerenzer goCognitive 00:05:21