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Assessing quality of life Quality of life is an important concept when interacting with patients. While most people assume that quality of life must be poor for patients with locked-in syndrome, Dr. Birbaumer challenges these assumptions and tries to answer this basic... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:04:12
Ethical implications Dr. Niels Birbaumer discusses the ethical decisions that face patients, caregivers, and medical personnel when dealing with extreme situations like end stages of cancer or complete paralysis of the body. Decisions such as accepting or withholding... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:07:03
Quality of life for locked in patients It is usually assumed that the quality of life in locked-in patients must be miserable. Surprisingly, surveys conducted with locked-in patients show a different picture even though these patients can no longer enjoy normal activities. Dr. Birbaumer... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:03:13