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Event related brain potentials Event related potentials (ERPs) are based on the measurement of brain responses created by specific activation within the brain as a response to an external or internal event. Dr. Niels Birbaumer explains that today's brain-computer interfaces... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:02:41
Historic roots of BCI The roots of non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) research lie in work done in the field of neurofeedback. Most of the clinical BCI studies with human patients use biofeedback based on EEG oscillations or event-related brain potentials.... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:05:26
Movement restoration after stroke Stroke patients often lose the ability to control parts of their body. Dr. Birbaumer discusses how science and technology have been working together to help such patients regain control of their limbs. His research with brain-computer interfaces (... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:08:02
Quality of life for locked in patients It is usually assumed that the quality of life in locked-in patients must be miserable. Surprisingly, surveys conducted with locked-in patients show a different picture even though these patients can no longer enjoy normal activities. Dr. Birbaumer... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:03:13
Training brain responses In this video Dr. Niels Birbaumer explains the role of instruction in neurofeedback studies. He strongly suggests that one should not give explicit verbal instructions during training because it is often better for participants to discover their... Niels Birbaumer goCognitive 00:04:04