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The neural basis for attention.
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fMRI In this segment of the interview with Dr. Geoff Boynton from the University of Washington, Dr. Boynton describes the fMRI method and what we know about the underlying neural processes that give rise to the BOLD signal. Geoff Boynton goCognitive 00:20:22
Geoff Boynton - fMRI studies of Attention In his research Dr. Geoff Boynton from the University of Washington is trying to identify the neural basis for attentional processes. To the surprise of many neuroscientists, attention can modulate neural processing at very early stages of... Geoff Boynton goCognitive
Specific fMRI methods Functional magnetic resonance imaging represents one important tool in deciphering brain activity in active human participants. Besides the basic fMRI techniques of subtracting the measured brain's activation during a control task from the... Geoff Boynton goCognitive 00:12:14
Visual Attention In this interview, Dr. Geoff Boynton from the University of Washington talks about the neural basis of visual attention. In the first segment, he outlines the changes in our understanding how attention modulates neural processing and some of his own... Geoff Boynton goCognitive 00:21:48