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Binding and the episodic buffer Binding different features or items together in memory is a central problem for any cognitive system. In Baddeley's model the episodic buffer was introduced to handle binding, but recent data seems to indicate that binding occurs outside of... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:05:50
How are long-term and working memory related? The relationship between long-term memory and working memory has been an issue of debate for a long time. Baddeley stresses that while there is a close relationship between the two, there are distinct differences. Long-term memory can work... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:41
Introduction of the episodic buffer In 2000 Baddeley introduced the episodic buffer as a fourth component of the working memory model. Here he explains the reason for this most recent concept. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:02:29
Location of the episodic buffer Where is the episodic buffer located within the anatomy of the brain? Baddeley's initial hunch was to located it in the hippocampus - but recent studies with an amnestic indiviual with severe hippocampal damage has shown that tasks requiring... Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:02:09
Working memory and consciousness Is working memory related to consciousness? In Baddeley's view, the episodic buffer is a place where conscious experience occurs. New techniques in neuroimaging might provide better insights in the nature of our personal experiences. Alan Baddeley goCognitive 00:04:52