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Attention, Hemispatial Neglect, and Prosopagnosia
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Marlene Behrmann - Attention and Perception Disorders Attention is a central concept in cognitive psychology. In her research, Dr. Marlene Behrmann from Carnegie Mellon University addresses basic problems in attention and the role that attention plays in cognitive disorders such as hemispatial neglect... Marlene Behrmann goCognitive
Prosopagnosia Dr. Behrmann talks about her research on prosopagnosia - commonly known as faceblindness. Patients with this disorder have a difficult time identifying people based on facial information, even though their visual system is otherwise intact. Through... Marlene Behrmann goCognitive 00:15:14
Spatial Hemineglect Patients experiencing spatial hemineglect ignore one side of their environment (usually the left side) in multiple modalities. This deficit often occurs as part of severe brain trauma, usually to the right part of the brain, particularly the... Marlene Behrmann goCognitive 00:20:41
Spatial vs. object based attention Attention continues to be one of the central topics of human cognition research. Dr. Marlene Behrmann explains many of the important distinctions within the attention literature. She explains top-down and bottom-up (stimulus driven) forms of... Marlene Behrmann goCognitive 00:12:32