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What can we learn from modern neuroscience research in attention?
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Implications of cognitive neuroscience for education Dr. Michael Posner describes how general principles of brain development and brain function have been applied to educational practice. Dr. Posner specifically highlights the improved understanding of the cognitive processes in reading and executive... Michael Posner goCognitive 00:19:58
Michael Posner - Neuroscience of Attention Dr. Michael Posner from the University of Oregon has been a leader in the development and application of modern neuroscience techniques. His main research is focused on attention and in his interview he discusses the history of attentional theory... Michael Posner goCognitive
Research tools in cognitive neuroscience Modern techniques used in cognitive neuroscience have dramatically increased the available toolkit for researchers. Dr. Michael Posner discusses a wide range of methods that have been used in cognitive neuroscience and their historic relevance.... Michael Posner goCognitive 00:16:00
The anatomy of attentional networks - a historical perspective Dr. Michael Posner gives a brief historical account of the study of attention from the turn of the last century until today. Specifically, Dr. Posner explains his model of three main attentional networks which constitute the basis for consciousness... Michael Posner goCognitive 00:19:50