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How neurons can be rebuilt
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Deb Stenkamp - Neurogenesis Until recently, the regeneration of neurons in the human brain seemed unlikely. However, current research has identified a few regions within the brain where neurogenesis seems to occur. In some other species the generation of new neurons after... Deb Stenkamp goCognitive
Neurogenesis In her interview with goCognitive, Dr. Deb Stenkamp from the University of Idaho talks about her research on neurogenesis - the production of new neurons in the central nervous system. Her research is using the retina of the zebrafish as a model for... Deb Stenkamp goCognitive 00:11:42
Neurogenesis II In this second part of the interview, Dr. Stenkamp talks about the potential benefits of a better understanding of neurogenesis in animal models for new treatments of human diseases. Unlike the zebrafish model, the human nervous system does not... Deb Stenkamp goCognitive 00:13:06