Title Description Interviewee Producer Duration
Introduction to the Sense of Smell This first segment (of three) of our interview with Dr. Kevin Kelliher from the University of Idaho gives an overview of the olfactory system from a biological perspective. Dr. Kelliher's research focuses on olfaction and its role in social... Kevin Kelliher goCognitive 00:17:45
Olfaction-animal studies In this final segment of our interview with Dr. Kelliher from the University of Idaho, he describes some of the research techniques used in his lab. He investigates the use of olfaction in the social behavior of mice by using behavioral,... Kevin Kelliher goCognitive 00:15:39
The social function of smell In this segment, Dr. Kelliher discusses the concept of pheromones and how it is commonly misunderstood. He also talks about the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and how our attraction to others can be driven by olfactory cues. He explains in... Kevin Kelliher goCognitive 00:14:46