Getting Started

Getting Started

About This Site

GoCognitive’s goal is to provide you with a number of useful materials on cognitive neuroscience. Whether you are a student, an instructor, a researcher, or a person with a general interest in this wonderful field, we are trying to create a variety of ‘learning objects’ that will be helpful to you.

At this point the site consists of two main components. We have created a video archive of interviews with more than 20 leading researchers in the field of cognitive neuroscience. By going to the ‘interview’ section of the site you can access all of the video material. The second part of the website is a slowly growing set of demonstrations and stimuli materials. By going to the ‘demo’ section you can see all of the currently available demonstrations.

We hope that this site is helpful to you – if you like it then please spread the word. GoCognitive is currently funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and the more positive feedback we receive, the more likely will future funding be. You can help us by signing up as a member, and you can try to inform others about the site so they can use it in their own quest for knowledge or in their teaching.


Steffen Werner
Founder of the GoCognitive Web Project

Explore The Site

Watch a Video

You can navigate the videos by filtering the content. We currently have more than 160 of our own videos available through the site. To list them all on one page would be overwhelming.

By clicking on one of the interviewee’s names, you select all of the videos that this person is part of. For most of our interviewees we have also created a video compilation that nicely organizes the videos in thematic chapters. If you click on the image of an interviewee you will be taken to this compilation where you can browse through the different chapters and select individual video parts to view.

If you are interested in a particular topic you can use the keywords to the right to select all of the videos that have a particular keyword tag associated with them. In addition, video compilations that have a particular keyword as their main emphasis will also be highlighted.

You can combine filters in any way you see fit. You can always reset the filtering function through the ‘reset filter’ button.

Try a Demo

The demo section works very similarly to the video section. In this case the smaller number of demos allows us to simplify the display of materials and you can just select any demo program directly by clicking on it. We currently have 10 demonstration programs available but are working on more.

Quiz Yourself

In the near future (Spring 2012) we will start offering a new component of the site. This Quiz component will allow you to test your knowledge in different areas of cognitive neuroscience. At the moment we are exploring how to best implement this component.